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Soul Traits

Shelley Burly

Height - 10ft 2 inches

Weight - ?

Hand Dominance - ?

Right Eye Color - Neon Green

Mortal Name - Shelley Morello

Cause of Death

Severe Trauma/Blunt Force

Date of Death

June 19th, 2007 - 4:16pm


Shelley Burly, born on Earth under her mortal name "Shelley Morello" was born in the inner city of Newark, New Jersey to a family that through most of her life on Earth had gone through extreme poverty, going from shelter to shelter, living in different basements, even spending nights at her friend's houses for almost days and weeks at a time, just so she could experience what its like to not wake up in a homeless shelter or in a run down, dirty apartment. As Shelley grew older, she gained a fascination with skateboarding and the skating culture after one day while spending the night over at a friend's house, she watched her friend play, and even played herself, a copy of "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2" for the original PlayStation.

She fell in love with skating and wanted to do all the tricks that she say in that, at least the ones that wouldn't get her instantly killed. She bugged her parents for months and months to get her a skateboard for her upcoming 11th birthday, and despite what little money the Morello family had at the time, they managed to scrap what little money they had at the time and bought her a really nice black and green Santa Cruz skateboard, she was so ecstatic and from that point on, she almost never went anywhere without that board, it became her pride and joy. Shelley would spend any free time she would get to go down to her skate park down town and learn how to skate, learn how to do whatever tricks she could comfortably master, she felt at peace there, that skate park was her Valhalla, the friends she made at that skate park felt more like family than the family she had at home. Her friends at the skate park wouldn't constantly harass her to go pick up food, to look or dress a certain way, to behave or act a certain way.

As she grew older, she became more bitter, more aggressive and more independent and demanding for what she wanted in life, and all she wanted was a stable home life, to not be told what to do, and to just be happy, and if she wasn't at the skate park or with her skating family, she wasn't really happy. Her life at home and her poverty was only getting worse to the point that in order for her and her family to eat, Shelley had to resort to theft, risking banishment from her local supermarket but also risking getting in trouble with law enforcement and not being able to see not only her family but her friends at school and at the skate park, ultimately crushing her soul, but despite all those factors, she risked it all just to make sure herself and her family can eat. Shelley would be confronted by her family about where she got the food when she had little to no money and her family would go absolutely ballistic, telling her that what she did was morally wrong, telling Shelley that no matter how desperate things were getting that theft was wrong and in this rant, her parents went into how much they disapproved of her new attitude as of late, her views on life, the way she dressed, all this being said to her while she just sat there, heart shattered as she felt betrayed that she went to these great lengths to make sure her family had enough to eat and in return she gets a lecture on morals of all things. After that evening, Shelley became less and less enthusiastic, she began to care less and less, she would get angry and spike her skateboard on the ground if she would mess up a trick, and she even started stealing more and more, this time not saying a word to her ungrateful parents and only stealing food for herself. The lectures continued and only got worse to the point Shelley started to scream and yell at her parents, just completely having enough of them. Around the time of Late May - Early June of 2007, Shelley would begin having these dreams, these really calm and peaceful dreams of this seemingly magical and colorful place with other souls just like her, telling her to move on from this place, to break away from her chains and to be who she truly is.

One night while experiencing one of these dreams, she woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and in tears, that's when she made the final decision to run away from home. She grabbed her backpack, grabbed whatever clothes she could fit in there, grabbed a tape recorder sitting on the nightstand next to where her father would sleep and walked out the door for the final time. Shelley would explain in one of the tapes her thoughts on finally leaving home, expressing her anger and frustration towards herself for not leaving home sooner, the dreams that she had been having and also expressed joy in being her own master now and nobody being able to tell her what she can and cannot do anymore. Shelley would find herself sleeping in abandoned warehouses and abandoned houses and skating around to get by surviving on either fast food or stolen groceries from her local super market. One night, Shelley started to see things out of the corner of her eyes, hear whispering voices and would even awaken one night to the sight of a figure staring at her in her sleep, Shelley would start to see this figure more and more to the point she would become too scared to sleep. One day while getting her groceries on the "five finger discount" she got caught by local law enforcement outside the super market. The police demanded her to stop, but she was so startled that her first instinct kicked in, get on her board and go and don't ever look back. As she skated and skated as fast and as far away as she could, the whispering voices that had been haunting her her weeks came back and this time they were louder than ever, speaking to her as she kept skating and doing her best to get away from the cops.

The voice that was speaking to her told Shelley to look out, Shelley immediately looked behind her, the skateboard got caught on a sizeable rock on the sidewalk, Shelley immediately fell off her skate board, head first onto the pavement, she blacked out and as she was laying the ground bleeding and slowly fading away, the last image she saw was the figure that had been stalking her lately, her own personal recruiter ghost watching her as she slowly died. And as Shelley took her finally breath on this planet, her recruiter ghost casted her spell bringing herself and Shelley to the EGS to begin the recruitment process. After a couple days of going through the realization process that she was no longer living, and quite a few long conversations between her and Alex Gebhart about what's going on and where she is and why she's in this world to begin with, Shelley accepted her recruitment, with a smile on her face, she realized that her dream had finally come true, this is that colorful and calm world that she was dreaming about when she was alive, she was destined to be here in the EGS and she now has gotten her wish, to no longer be bound to human morals and standards, she now resides in the EGS where she serves under Ember yet in that servitude, never ever feels pressured or like she's being bossed around, she's happy to serve under Ember and prepare for the eternal war ahead.


- Irritable - Aggressive - Rebellious - Mastermind - Cunning - Snotty/Bratty - Passionate - Daydreamer - Strong - Swift - Fast thinker - Emotional - Social -Adventurous - Caring - Supportive (to an extent) - Athletic - Open-minded - Short-tempered - Messy - Skater - Over-thinker - Expressive - Gamer - Vengeful

Biggest Pet Peeves and Turn-Offs (Mortal)

- Authority - Bullies - Studying - Stupid humans - Being poor - People who think they're better than her - Politicians - Being told what to say, do, and wear - Jocks - Morals - Having her personal possessions taken away - Cops - Being betrayed by the ones she trusted - Old humans - Liars - Not being able to sleep - Nobody believing anything she says - Crying babies - Drama kings and queens - Money whores - Sluts - Waking up super early in the morning - People in suits - Pop music - The human race in general - Chatterboxes - Girls who dress nice to impress - Money - Religious figures - Country music - Having to act or be "nice" to people -People looking down on her for being poor

Favorite colors

Jet black, Neon green, and Blood red