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EGS Tapes are series of recordings of EGS Recruits recorded either while still alive, or dead. Sometimes by their own will or by the outside sources. These tapes are meant to give insight what the characters are feeling and how their life/afterlife is going.

Shadow of The Dimetrix is the official name of EGS (CS) TAPES Volume 02, Spiritual successor to Andrew Blaze's EGS TAPES Volume 01 consisting of 10 Tapes, Some are done by using Andrew's original unused scripts, While some are whole new tapes Written by Naze Warbled and The EGS Community. Contains 2 tapes which were concepts for now canceled project "Shadow of The Dimetrix"


(EGS CS - IRIS) Before The Dimetrix Session 1- In This Crazyness, Uncertainty (PILOT)