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  • I was born on March 10
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  • Good work, this is a very interesting subject for me, seeing Randy's psyche externalized onto fictional characters really gives you insight into his thought process and self image. 

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  • Hey, I like your wiki here. Despite what happened after the initial series, it's a decent project idea, and if this community is adding to it, then that's pretty great. :)

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    • Thank you! I'm doing my best working with the new EGS Stuff. There has been many setbacks but things are starting to look bright for 2021 , content wise

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  • Hey Im back. I was just wondering if you have changed anything since the last wiki, and if all of the old contente made it over to the new one. Also Im just wondering what got the old one taken down? I just want to know what happened.

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    • This has all the content, I think only some minor pages and pages about the finale series/Pre - EGS  are missing, i be adding the those back soon too.

      The original one got taken down due troll spam and reports unfortunately.

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  • Hello, I'm the maintainer of The EGS Reupload Wiki, a wiki similar in purpose to yours. I'm willing to work together to help fill in potential gaps in your wiki, as well as perhaps navigation. If you're interested, please reply, I ideally would like to merge my wiki into yours, given yours has a more appropriate name

    p.s. I see you too have dealt with the scourges that are EGSChipLoverUWU and ChipSkylarksShinyTeeth, they have much plagued my wiki in my neglect

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    • I m honestly not good at this stuff. So idk how it will work. I hope the pages wont double. I would want everything to remain simple.

      I like that your wiki has proper menu. The one on the up with links. Idk myself how to do that so it would be nice to have.

      I dont want to lose my admin rights tho. 

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    • No need to lose admin rights, by "merge" what I meant was to add entries and perhaps add to existing entries if necessary. I'll send the text from my navigation, if pages are named similarly it should work the same. Additionally if you prefer another social media to discuss changes that would be fine (and maybe more ideal)

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      • #|EGS Members
        ** Andrew Blaze
        ** Mackenzie West
        ** Rachael Shadows
        ** Sydney Secor
        ** #|Additional Members
        *** Celesta Reynolds
        *** Alex Gebhart
        *** Froggy
        *** Harmony Ingram
        *** Matilda Ramsey
        *** Harpies
        *** Madison McBride
        *** Shelley Burly
        *** Allies
        *** EGS Recruiters
        * #|Episodes
        ** EGS
        *** Finding a Purpose
        *** Unleash the Candy
        *** My Life Is Over
        *** Westborough High Massacre
        ** EGS Tapes Summary|EGS Tapes
        *** EGS Tapes Summary
        *** Scariest Experience of My Life
        *** A Promise Kept
        *** The Legend of Brooker Swamp
        *** Conspiring a Massacre
        *** The Breakup
        *** Conspiring a Massacre 02
        ** Andrew Blaze Suicide Tapes
        ** Cast
        ** #|PioneersProduction Finale Series
        *** Summary
        *** Amnesia Rape
        *** The Search For Remember
        *** Extinction
        *** Resurrection
        *** Absolution
        *** Abyss
        ** #|Scrapped Episodes
        *** Welcome to the Squad
        *** Scripts
        * Digital Content/History
        ** Digital Content
        ** Fan Art
        ** Did You Know?
        ** Social Media
        ** Ghost Squad History
        ** Decoding EGS
        ** Prototype EGS Art
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    • You could contact me in twitter. Steam. Or discord

      I l work on the wiki tomorrow or somewhere later this week. Bit busy atm.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have The EGS Wiki as part of the FANDOM community!

    It may seem like there’s a lot to do, but we’re here to help make getting started quick and easy. Here are some helpful tips and links to get your community going:

    Have fun!

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