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Soul Traits

Madison McBride

Height - 10ft 0inches

Weight - ?

Hand Dominance - Left

Eye Color - Pink Lavender

Mortal Name - Madison McBride

Cause of Death

Drug Overdose/Suicide [Hanging]

Date of Death

July 17th, 2001 - 2:34pm


Madison McBride was born on August 1st, 1983 to, at first, a very loving family, despite growing up poor, Madison and her family were a pretty tight knit bunch, did alot, if not everything together. One day, when Madison was around 16 years old, her life would take a sudden and tragic turn for the worst, her mother suddenly passed away from a sudden heart attack. Ever since her mother's passing, Madison's father grew more depression, more isolated, and more distant from his daughter. Madison always had trouble making friends at school, normally she would be fine keeping to herself, but ever since her mother passed away, she felt more alone and alot more numb than ever before, all she wanted was a friend, someone who will listen to her, someone that wouldn't make her feel alone anymore. Madison one day saw a student during lunch named Michael Weber, Michael looked lonely and looked like he needed a friend, so Madison attempted to befriend Michael and gave him part of her lunch that day. All seemed to be fine and Madison felt that maybe she had finally made a friend, but she went to her locker only do discover that her locker, her own personal little space was vandalized with bird feathers and a note that said "WITCH BITCH" on it. What happened is that Michael Weber was super religious and got the help from some of Madison's bullies to help break into her locker so Michael can "rid himself from her hex". Madison just went on home, feeling more alone and beaten down thinking she just made a friend only for that "friend" to become afraid of her and turn their back on her cause the other kids would spread rumors and call her a "goth", "satanist", "paganist" whatever name they could come up with, it would be used as a means to insult and bully Madison.

Madison woke up the very next morning to shocking news that Michael Weber mysteriously died, somehow the kid just...exploded, Madison was just as much in shock as any of her classmates would be, her father than kicked down Madison's door, in what was the most use of emotion she had seen him use in years since her mother died, and he started just beating her mercilessly. Rumor was going around that Michael's mother was completely distraught and blamed Madison for her son's death. Her father would say to Madison while beating her that she was "an embarrassment" and "brought shame to the McBride family name" and in his mind killing Madison would "bring justice to Michael and his family". Madison would escape from her father's wrath, gather a good bit of her belongings before making her escape, take some strong pain killers she had in her bag and left town as soon as possible to escape her father and the corrupted and crooked police in her town. Madison believed that despite being innocent, the police would lock her away and throw away the key anyway, so with that in mind, Madison walked, ran, and sprinted as fast as she could out of town, despite the immense amount of pain she was from her injured caused by her father. Madison when then find herself cutting off most her beautiful long black hair to conseal her identity, and hiding out in abandoned warehouses and residential houses just to be able to get some sleep and to not be spotted by police, she would continue taking the strong pain killers to deal with the immense pain she was in. One night, Madison awoke to find someone just staring at her in her sleep, when she went to go investigate the strange occurrence, the thing she saw was gone.

Out of fear she left the house she was staying out earlier than would've liked. On top of this sighting, Madison would begin to see strange colors in the sky, hear strange, incoherent, yet comforting voices. Madison at this time would begin to notice these whores around the block in the neighborhood she was hiding out in, she say this way of life as potentially a ticket out of here, a way to finally escape her new life of being on the run, and maybe even feel a sort of artificial, fucked up kind of love, something that she could at least feel. Despite Madison at first being disgusted by the idea, she grows to be excited and giddy about the opportunity laying in front of her, Months went by, and Madison went from "rookie" to the boss's "favorite" she grew to feel more hollow and empty than before all this mess happened. She was confused, had no clue where she was or what the date even was anymore, she was just burnt out and used up, she had enough. Madison was tired of the boss, tired of being used, tired of the tweakers, tired perverted old men, and most importantly tired of running and living in absolute fear. Madison would then get an idea to end all this madness when she find some rope in the closet of the room she was sleeping in, and this big beautiful tree outside in this field in the back of the hotel, brought the two things together and decided to end her suffering. Just as Madison decided that she was going to go through with this, her hotel window sudden opened by itself, show off this beautiful display of colors in the sky. She was seeing this beautiful array of pinks, purples, lavenders, and black, it was one of the most beautiful and prettiest things she had ever seen, she saw this as a sign, no better time to go than now. Madison went out into the field under the beautiful and colorful sky, wrapped the noose around her neck, tied the rope to the beautiful dead tree, and hung herself, freeing herself from the her pain of the physical world. Madison shortly after was recruited into the EGS by the recruiter ghost that had her eye on Madison for some time, Madison is one of the more shy and reserved souls in the squad, she mostly keeps to herself but is always there to assist in missions whenever she's needed.


- Quiet - Caring - Lonely - Depressive - Over-Thinker - Passionate - Conspirator - Drug addict - Strong - Cunning - Rebellious - Envious - Warm - Determined - Kind-Hearted - Seductive - Giving - Openminded - Romantic - Trustworthy

Biggest Pet Peeves and Turn=Offs (Mortal)

- Liars - Bullies - Drama queens - Religious people - Crying children - Money whores - Suck-ups - Rap Music - Abusive parents - Nobody believing her - Snoring - Jocks - Pimps - Old perverted men - Old humans in general - Cops - Politicians - Waking up early

Favorite colors

Violet, Hot pink, Jet black.

Mortal Views On Death

"If its a way for me to escape this awful pain and bitter loneliness, I'll go down that road. Maybe I'll even see momma."