Amnesia Rape ("Finale Series" Episode 01")

Amnesia Rape ("Finale Series" Episode 01")

After a weight set falls on Randy's head, Randy suffers long term memory loss. Froggy finds him unconscious on the floor and begins to panic. As Randy regains consciousness, he freaks out when he discovers Froggy can talk. Although worried about the situation, Froggy takes advantage of the possibilities and ties Randy up. The Whale enters the scene and prepares himself for a moment that he has longed for his entire life. Froggy sets up a video camera and records the Whale having his way with Randy. During the action, his memory returns. Froggy refuses to hand over the footage. He breaks free from the rope and beats up Froggy and the Whale.


- The first episode in the "Finale" saga.

- The episode was made with no intention of turning into an anthology series. "PIoneersProductions" rarely had videos that connected story plots. The video preceded "The Search For Remember"; a rushed video that focused on discovering Ember McLain's "Remember" song in high quality sound. It's sequel ("Extinction") would tie in the previous two episodes; creating an anthology series.

- The weight set idea was sparked from a personal experience of nearly dropping heavy boxes onto my head.

- The original idea was for me to lose my memory and for all of the imaginary objects in the house to come alive, with me tied up in the basement.

- I wanted to open new doors with the "Whale" character since he hadn't really done much in the many years of being in videos. He was usually just a talker, not a doer. 

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